How to install cPanel on CentOS?

cPanel is an trending and flexible web hosting manager script which will help you to manage all your websites or your clients websites under one  roof. Now a days most of the web hosting provider using cPanel as their Web Host Manager partner. It is easy to understand with so many feature. You can setup cPanel on Linux within some basic steps.  With the help of cPanel your can create Emails, you can take backup of your whole resources, you can manage databases of each and every user easily, you can upload files and alot of features which will make your task easy.

We have upgraded to next generation today we can add extra features in cPanel server with using third party plugins.  Example – If you want to take an automatic backup of your clients website then you can use Jet Backup Plugin.

If you choose CentOS xx.xx then follow below step by step process.

  1. Update your vps.


yum update -y


2. Then after just paste the below command in the SSH. cPanel is itself smart and install all the resources automatically.


cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest


[su_note]Most of the CentOS has already activated Network Manage. Disable network manager.

$ systemctl stop NetworkManager.service

$ systemctl disable NetworkManager.service [/su_note]


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