How to uninstall Nginx from VestaCP? (Ubuntu)

While you are working on VestaCP you might face a problem with Nginx or while configuring Nginx configuration you mistakenly did something wrong and as a result, nginx stopped working or Nginx is not properly get installed with VestaCP. So, in such cases only one option you have to uninstall nginx, in this article, we will see How to uninstall Nginx from VestaCP?

What is Nginx?

There are so many ways to use nginx; for example,

  • You can use Nginx as web serving.
  • You can use Nginx for reverse proxying.
  • You can use Nginx for caching.
  • You can use Nginx for load balancing.
  • You can use Nginx for media streaming & more…..

Most importantly maximizes server performance and stability with parallel maximizing HTTP request serving capacity and hence mainly Nginx was developed for creating the fastest web server with maintaining the excellence.

How to uninstall Nginx from VestaCP?

  • First, we need to stop the Nginx service.
    service nginx stop
  • Remove preinstalled packages.
    apt-get remove nginx or sudo apt-get purge nginx
  • Now we need to restart the apache (Also make sure it’s listing to port 80)
    sudo apache2ctl restart
  • If you have removed apache at the time of installing Nginx you can install it again
    sudo apt-get install apache2 

If you are facing any problem you can comment your query below, Reform Hosting team will be happy to help you!

Conclusion –

In this article, you have learned How to uninstall Nginx from VestCP? with easy steps.


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