How to install Engintron and Server requirements?

So many peoples seeking for good alternative of Varnish and LiteSpeed and here Engintron comes in mind. It’s an open source and free of cost, anyone can install it and boost their website performance to the next level.

What is Engintron?

Engintron is an open source web server which is basically designed to improvise web server performance with the help of Nginx®. Engintron is highly compatible with the cPanel® and comes with WHM plugin so that if you do not know much more about CLI you can better use UI in order to access/manage/update its configuration.

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Why choose Engintron?

  • Its free and open source.
  • It increased request serving capacity.
  • Reduces load on the server (CPU/RAM).
  • Highly compatible with CMS (Ex- WordPress, Joomla, etc).

Server requirements to install Engintron?

  • Engintron is highly compatible with the CentOS (32/64) (6,7).
  • If you already have Nginx install then make sure you uninstall it first.
  • EasyApache 3/4. (We recommend to go with EasyApache 4).
  • If you are using any firewall (Ex- CSF) make sure 8080 & 80 ports are enabled.

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How to install Engintron?

Unlike other scripts, Engintron installation is quite easy and can be done with using 3-4 commands which are as follows,

cd /
rm -f
wget –no-check-certificate
bash install

Or if you are lazy like me then you can install the Engintron with just one command,

cd /; rm -f; wget –no-check-certificate; bash install

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Conclusion –

That’s it this how you can install Engintron and can make your web server performs super fast.

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