Top 5 Best WordPress plugins for blogs 2019

Hello there, in this article we are going to learn about Top 5 Best WordPress plugins for blogs 2019, and will also cover their features and how to use that particular plugin.  This article is not sponsored by any of the plugin author or developer….

5 Useful Ways To Reduce Server Response Time For A WordPress Website

Every single individual struggling to reduce their website loading time to secure web site ranking on search engines like Google, Bing. Let’s learn what is Server Response Time and top 6 Useful Ways To Reduce Server Response Time For A WordPress Website, I am sure…


How to uninstall Nginx from VestaCP? (Ubuntu)

While you are working on VestaCP you might face a problem with Nginx or while configuring Nginx configuration you mistakenly did something wrong and as a result, nginx stopped working or Nginx is not properly get installed with VestaCP. So, in such cases only one…


How to install Engintron and Server requirements?

So many peoples seeking for good alternative of Varnish and LiteSpeed and here Engintron comes in mind. It’s an open source and free of cost, anyone can install it and boost their website performance to the next level. What is Engintron? Engintron is an open…


How to connect to ftp server with ip address? cPanel

If you are a a developer and constantly works with code, uploading file on the the server then its very hectic to open cPanel, navigate to file manager, navigate to the directory and then upload a file with ZIP or one by one, don’t you…


How to add meta tag to WordPress ?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professional concentrating on more on page SEO, because nowadays the majority of search engines especially Google is concentrating on what elements, content, text do you use on the page. If everything is relevant then and then only may your page rank…


Best cache plugin for wordpress

WordPress now running approximately 20% of websites on the internet which is quite a huge amount and everything need to be very fast if you want to win in this race. Majority of search engines now ranking jet fast websites on top of the result….

How to update cPanel license ? Easy steps

Nowadays 95% of web hosting provider using cPanel specifically for Linux Hosting to manage their customer and their individual hosting account. So that cPanel is now most user-friendly and recommended panel the market. cPanel used to provide 10-15 days trial license for every fresh IP…


Top web proxy websites list – 2019

Nowadays there are so many network issues you may face as a result you may not able to browse or surf some website from your local network. Then, proxy websites play the best role to browse or surf those websites freely from your end. How…


How to redirect http to HTTPS from .htaccess

Every web developer or single individual who is working on language based website looking for the metod “How to redirect http to HTTPS from .htaccess What is .htaccess? .htaccess is an file which works on apache based server which is been used to add/enabel some…