What is shared hosting and definition?

The most affordable and simple way to get your website live is through shared hosting. What is shared hosting, how it is different from other web hosting plans, and what is the best option for your business?

So let’s start our topic:

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What is Shared hosting?

Shared hosting, is also can be explained as virtual hosting, is a way to host our website on a solo physical server that also hosts additional websites. In the computer server, many software applications make managing and accessing your website easy.


Though in the shared hos server, which means they also divide the costs. As this term “collective” platform makes shared hosting the most inexpensive and popular option of all the web hosting setups. Most of the bloggers, startups, and small businesses use shared hosting to host their websites since it’s so easy to get started. Though new website owners usually shared as it is cheaper and also at the start of our websites, no one wants to take risks to run websites which have more expenses than its earnings.

How much does shared hosting cost?

Although the cost of shared hosting depends on the level of service a web host provides. Generally, you can expect to pay ₹150 to ₹1000 a month for space on a shared server. It is depended on the user that what he/she selects for their website, however, there are many packs available for shared hosting, many issues regarding the specifications of the server so high & low paid servers are there in the market. Depends on the package which we will get for our website.

Shared hosting definition?

The Shared servers are same to computers in that they have hard drive space, a central processing unit (CPU), and RAM. The data are in shared with other users hosted by the server. Which makes it possible to securely store all the saved files, data, and information making up your website. The data usually been in packets as we called it resources. Shared hosting server can store numerous hostings on its server as it’s choice of the shared server owner. Few problems can also be faced by users, as it may little slow comparison of a dedicated server. Basically, In shared hosting, our data is on the public storage & also many other people data is also up there so it can face that we have limited storage & data limits. Also mainly the issue of traffic is there, we can assume that if we have much traffic on a site, other sites of that server may suffer speed issues.

However if we have many people around here who wants to see your data on the internet so if anybody requests access to your website from their computer, the stored data of our site has been sent from the computer server to the internet user. This will provide them with your data/resources on their system, Though much information, with this, we can easily analyze the public also that who are visiting our web or user activeness. Shared hosting takes benefit of a server’s optimal utility since each website generates different amounts of traffic, at different times & the data is being continuously transferred from one end to another end.

Effects of sharing a server:

As we all know being on a shared server is like sharing a highway. We have to pay taxes to have highways maintained, just like you pay a small monthly fee to use shared hosting. Eventually, most of the people contribute to the costs, individual prices for users are kept low. Many effects can be observed by the users as there are many packages for the shared hosting owners that, they can buy package any of their choice, Wide range of packages present in the shared hosting plan.

Websites hosted on Shared hosting server are comparatively slower than the dedicated server websites, eventually, many websites are firstly hosted on shared hosting, after few days, the owner earns much & can also move to the dedicated hosting server, although Shared hosting servers are best for beginners as it doesn’t cost much for newbies. We can easily start a website on a reasonable cost, not so much higher transactions for the website server. 

So now if we’re expecting low-to-moderate traffic on your website, then a shared hosting package is a fantastic choice, since it’s affordable and convenient & Not so costly. Though, just as a lot of cars on a highway can cause congestion, your website can experience a slight slowdown if the computing resources you share with others are directed to a website that is experiencing an unusually high volume of traffic, Sometimes it may get slow on usual basis but if we have low visitor to our website then the web will be safe & on traffic basis it can take medium volume of traffic easily. However many time if the website loads increase it may be slow at that time.

However, reputable web hosting companies can easily support most web pages with very little risk of speed issues. If there is low traffic to your site picks up consistently, you can always upgrade to a higher tier plan. But it costs you more also the server helps you to get more uptime than other hostings. Shared web hosting can be a reason for the low loading speed of the website. As the shared hosting provider’s System has high specs system servers in their company.

Characteristics of shared hosting:


Every shared hosting providers don’t offer the same experience. Many of the web hosting users provide much more features, Few factors that may vary from one hosting company to the next are explained below.

Few points which can give you an idea of how to choose a reliable provider.

Uptime: it is a measurement of how long a web hosting system has been continuously running. The best shared hosting providers have high uptimes, indicating high reliability. However, it can be seen as if have a heavy load on our web eventually few website’s servers go down & also takes much time for updating. As it has been crashed due to much heavy load on their webpages. Many of hosting web take guarantees 99.9% uptime on all hosting plans. But nowadays it’s been quite better for all the shared web hosting, not so much web got down, many of the websites up all time.

Traffic: If you already got high traffic, shared hosting may not be an option. As the heavy traffic may create problems for the shared hosting owners. Their site will face low-speed on loading & the Web hosting providers generally have policies that prevent “bad neighbor effects,” whenever the heavy data got hacked from all the resources on a shared server. Eventually, hackers try to remote the data but Make sure to read the policies to find a web host that can support your website’s traffic, shared web hosting is only good for newbies in the blogging n all.

Resources: many of the shared hosting providers can accommodate many users as they have high specs system for keeping up the users on their shared hosting plan, data as here we have processing & memory are yet limited. So here most of the web hosts limit what you can put on your website so that more users can share a single server, as if we share much more data than the others, so eventually others face lack of speed & optimization in the server & also there can be loss of their own so it’s single server & peoples should understand that “high speed on shared hosting is like sword in deserts”. Always make sure to read and understand your web hosts’ acceptable use policy to ensure your website is compliant. & Never have copyrighted issue on you & your web for seamless websites.

Understanding shared hosting plans:

Many web hosting companies exciting plans for shared hosting. Here what you have to do is what you pay for what you want from your web hosting providers. That makes you only pay for what you and your website needed. The exciting plans include some important features and possibly some unfamiliar jargon.

Websites: we can easily select an easy plan that allows you to host more than one website on a one shared server even rather than buying two separate plans & saves your hard-earned money. Great way to access your webs on a single server, also here to help you to switch between 2 of them, anytime anywhere. This will make the management of all your different sites at a compact place.

Disk space: The Disk space is the amount of hard drive space available to users to store their data on the disks, We should take it more storage server, as it would help you to get a heavy disk speed content. However, every time, shared hosting plans provide more than enough space for small businesses or personal projects. The web may run into issues if they include large images or audio files, it gets slower on their server, However, so the companies unlimited disk space, you never have to worry about reaching a limit & been a seamless user. It’s been research that many of the users didn’t reach their max. Storage of hard disks space.

Monthly bandwidth: The Bandwidth is the total amount of traffic and data your website can process. The websites can face ups & downs in visitors sections & also as low bandwidth, the speed at which your website functions can be impacted by higher traffic on a shared server. However not every hosting is same Although, the speed difference is negligible. However, with well-resourced web hosting companies, your bandwidth is trackable, so you can seamlessly accommodate more traffic. Much helpful in new websites owners to get a kick start here & boot their business online.

FTP users: The FTP stands for file transfer protocol, and an FTP user is someone with access to a domain. If you own a personal blog, one FTP user is enough. Eventually, in business with coordinating team members, multiple FTP users are better.

MySQL databases: The MySQL is a data management system(DBMS) that organizes data. Not going so deep into so much of technical, if you want multiple independent sites on one shared account, then you need more MySQL databases & complication never ends.

Subdomains: Amazingly the subdomains are and how they might influence your online presence? The Subdomains are parts of your domain that are useful for organizing your website’s content. However, if we could use a subdomain to separate a mobile version of your site from your full version.

Email addresses: If our shared hosting plan may also include professional email addresses which enhances the image of brand & people can reach us by emailing us. Also, the upper hand to support staff of the web site can be in the advancement of the website.

Support: Anyhow if we got trapped into any issues or have any question about hosting your domain, choose a web hosting company that has a friendly and helpful support team. 

Advantages of Shared hosting:


Cost-effective: First of all the cost to customers is kept low due to multiple users contributing to the costs of the server & costs splits into many people and the final amount for each website is low compared to the single server hosting plan and can give a surplus money discount from here.

Flexible: Being flexible, we can choose shared plans that fit the needs of your growing website & if we are new to use a baby pack or if we are professional so then we will use a top pack or the platinum pack, which is available in the web hosting provider sites. Likewise, if we find us needing another website, more cloud storage, or more FTP users, you can upgrade to a plan that provides it & make it on high level, will improve our website optimization and gives ut a fresh & trendy look.

Secure: Eventually space and resources are shared on a server, your information is not. Mostly the other websites utilizing your shared server are not able to access any of your website’s data & no one can use each other’s data for any purpose. Also, give additional security features provided by some web hosting companies also defend your website against cybersecurity threats & makes your content copyrighted.

Straight forward setup: If we are Setting up our website on a shared server is quick and easy & also the cheaper plans it better plans for everyone. The focus on the Shared hosting experiences are designed to support the less tech-savvy so you can get your website running with maximum efficiency and minimum technical knowledge with some boosted speed over the internet.

Not so tough maintenance: The shared server is maintained by your web host provider so you can stay focused on growing your platform rather than working out bugs, or installing software updates. Leave that to the professional technical assistants & not to worry about the data, it’s been saved by the hosting web.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting:


Well its cheap and convenient nature, shared hosting does have a few tradeoffs to consider. Which can make shared hosting attractive is its painless nature, but these circumstances can happen: 

Possible slowdowns: as per old data the definition of shared hosting includes sharing resources like CPU power and memory. With the help, a spike in activity may cause a lag in your website. Most of the time changes in speed are barely noticeable & it can simply be observed due to the heavy load of traffic which is coming to your websites.

Higher risks: Because shared servers host multiple websites, it risks potential compromises. For defending, a reliable server host may include security features like SSL certificates.

Only a few customizations: To uphold security, the backend of shared servers are locked down. It concludes that you’re limited to what the hosting company provides for programs. Having unique technical requirements, like running an alternative operating system, then avoid shared hosting. For the less tech-savvy individuals, this is a benefit because it means all the tools you need are provided in an easy to understand interface, and server maintenance is taken care of by your server host.

Shared web hosting can be classified in two ways: Internet Protocol-based (IP-based) & Name-based, although some control panels allow a mix of name-based and IP-based on the one server.



Furst is, IP-based virtual hosting, that is also known as dedicated IP hosting, each virtual host has a different IP address. However, the webserver is functioned with multiple physical network interfaces or virtual network interfaces on the same physical interface. Also, the webserver system software uses the IP address the client connects to determine which website to show the user. Eventually, the problem of IPv4 address exhaustion means that IP addresses are an increasingly scarce resource, so the primary justification for a site to use a dedicated IP is to be able to use its own SSL/TLS certificate rather than a shared certificate.



The name-based virtual hosting, known as shared IP hosting, the virtual hosts serve multiple hostnames on a single machine with a single IP address. Might be possible if only because when a web browser requests a resource from a web server using HTTP/1.1 it includes the requested hostname as part of the request. System server usually uses this information to determine which website to show the user


Is shared hosting suitable for you?

Shared hosting has been the most usable for the person or business that:

  • Has limited background knowledge of web hosting
  • Wants to save on costs
  • Values hassle-free website management
  • Requires a simple website for small businesses or personal purposes

“Are you keen to interested in learning web design, coding, or WordPress”

To Build a website is both exciting and amazing. Selecting the correct web hosting provider setup is important to establish a good foundation for your website development. Though, our plan on going viral with a major marketing campaign, chances are shared hosting will handle your website’s needs.

However, if our website is up and running, you can get a better sense of where your website needs to grow, whether it be in bandwidth or data storage. Dealing & starting with on a shared hosting plan allows you the flexibility to scale without hiccups.


The pros of shared hosting vanish the cons for the many users. The most significant benefit has lowered the price of hosting, an important factor for many serious buyers. Here is the fact that, with shared hosting, we don’t need computer experts who are technically assigned to build a professional site with the most popular web applications.

Many of the websites, shared hosting gives us a better result. It’s cheaper and doesn’t require Linux administration skills for it. Although it’s super low maintenance, shared hosting is the preferred choice for smaller & fresher websites. Most people having this for their first web hosting package for a shared hosting plan which makes sense.

Selecting between hosting can be a tougher task if you are developing a website on a budget, or you’re just starting online. So if you are looking for a tension-free result. Shared web hosting is a must-have choice, then shared hosting is the best web hosting available for newbies.


About the Author: Reform Hosting

Reform Hosting is a leading Hosting Service provider, offering reliable, scalable solutions for customers of all sizes and services. We supply all of the servers, software, bandwidth and management tools needed to run almost any web hosted application – from small to enterprise server solutions. We are committed to excellent quality Service. Our staff has over 2+ years of experience in the IT field.

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