Best GoDaddy alternatives India 2022

With the increasing rate of digitization, every business is having its website in the market. Even small business owner is taking considerable steps in promoting their business online. Web hosting or Web host is needed for the hosting of the individual as well as a business website on the internet. Let’s get started with Best GoDaddy alternatives India 2022.

When it comes to buying a domain or web hosting services Godaddy is the first service providers that comes into users’ mind. Go-daddy domain name and web hosting services are best suits for the starter business sites which are not having the heavy traffic on their websites but it costs 3x than the market price. 

Increasing server downtime and other errors, high renewal charges, poor site performances are some of the problems reported by the GoDaddy users. This article provides some efficient GoDaddy alternatives available in the market for a domain name, web hosting, SSL certifications, and many more services.

Best GoDaddy alternatives in 2022.

All the business owners who have their websites need a permanent and reliable web hosting services for their website. Different secure and high-speed web hosting categories are given below.

Domain Name Services:

Several GoDaddy competitors are available in the market which offers the domain registrars services. The go daddy offers the website builder tools for the starters but the renewal cost is very higher hence users are switching to the other alternatives to go daddy. Users should consider the factors given below before selecting the domain name services from the service providers according to their needs.

  • Budget and the domain charges:

Domain register companies have varying prices for the domain name. Users can select the best option from the available by considering the budget and the requirements. Users should read the contract carefully before buying to avoid the hidden charges in the process of the domain name registrations.

  • Domain transfer policy:

Should make a detailed inquiry about the domain transfer policy of the company before purchasing a domain name. Some domain register company charges the huge amount from customer to transfer a domain and some doesn’t provide the domain transfer services too. 

  • Customer support service:

Support is a very essential factor that needs to consider while registering the domain for the user’s business. As all the customers are not technically strong so the immediate customer support is required in the case if an issue arises. 

Customers can switch to a reform hosting company for best customer support, minimum domain activation time and reliable domain registration, renewal, and transfer services. 

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Web Hosting Service:

Before considering the other GoDaddy alternatives for web hosting, customers should aware of different types of web hosting services available in the market. Here are the different types of web hosting.

Level best suits for the beginner level clients. In this kind of hosting all the websites are stored in the same server. As the name suggests all the domains shared the same resources of the web servers like the RAM, CPU. Shared hosting comes with a comparatively low price than other hosting alternatives as all the domains utilize the same server resources. Hosting offers different other tools for the customers like the intelligent site builders, email clients facility, WordPress hosting and many more. The business owners who newly started their business and do not have the heavy traffic on their site can go for the shared hosting options. It offers a simple way to get their site on the internet. 

  • Dedicated web hosting:

The dedicated hosting users can have all the control to the server on which the user website is stored. This is the most secure website hosting as user needs not to share the resources with other owner’s domains so the viruses in other sites don’t affect customer website performance like in shared web hosting. Dedicated hosting, the server space given to the customer with the full root and admin access control over the server. All these services come with the prices. Dedicated hosting is one of the most expensive web hosting types and suitable for business owners who have large traffic on their websites. A highly skilled and technical person is required for the control and management of a dedicated server. 

  • VPS web hosting:

The virtual private server is the hosting in which offers a separate space for the customer to store their site. But the physical layer of the server is shared with the other website client. With the VPS web hosting user can have more storage space and customization benefits at a lower cost. Web hosting is an intermediate option between shared and dedicated hosting. The customers who are having the heavy traffic but could not afford the dedicated hosting or the customers who are having the light traffic but don’t want to shared server space with other users can go with the VPS web hosting. The VPS hosting is costlier than shared hosting but less expensive than a dedicated web hosting type.

  • Reseller web hosting services: 

This kind of hosting customer gets a hard drive space, bandwidth and IP address for the use. Customers can buy this storage space at is comparatively low cost and sell them again to other customers with their pricing structure. The customer who is web developers or website designers with their own company and offers the hosting space as add on service to their customers can go with the reseller hosting. 

  • Cloud, clustered or grid web hosting services:

This is also known as the future of web hosting. This offers decentralized scalable and excellent hosting amenities to the end-user. In the cloud hosting users need to pay for the storage space used by them. It involves the better utilization of resources and the websites which use cloud hosting and reliable and experiences less server down error as the resources are compensated when the failure in the hardware. 

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Apart from the above customer should consider the price, hardware details, technical support, and email facility before purchasing any of the above webs hosting plans. As the overall website speed and reliability depends upon the kind of web hosting user used for site one should carefully select the best hosting plan according to requirements.

Reform hosting is the best alternative and one-stop solution of all the domain registration and web hosting services. With the best customer support services, reliable and secure services we are one of the leading hosting companies. So the random visitors who are looking for a better alternative to GoDaddy can get cost-effective services with the reform hosting.

About the Author: Reform Hosting

Reform Hosting is a leading Hosting Service provider, offering reliable, scalable solutions for customers of all sizes and services. We supply all of the servers, software, bandwidth and management tools needed to run almost any web hosted application – from small to enterprise server solutions. We are committed to excellent quality Service. Our staff has over 2+ years of experience in the IT field.

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