What is Content Syndication and How to Use it For SEO and Traffic

Most of the time a blogger is looking for different ways to generate traffic to his blog. In this post, I will share another powerful method known as content syndication to drive a lot of traffic to your blog from all parts of the world and internet. Content syndication is a method in which you allow your blog’s content to be published on many other sites on the internet provided you retain the original author of the content. In this way, your content gets a lot of exposure over the internet and drives a lot of traffic to your blog.

What content syndication does for you that you need not worry that your content is not getting exposure. Let us understand this through an example.

Suppose I wrote a post on my blog on “How to Make Money Online“. If I am not syndicating my content, my post will be there on my blog only and will not receive much attention. Now suppose that I am syndicating my content, then my post will be available on numerous other sites on the internet and a lot of people can now read my content. Thus now I am getting maximum exposure and now I can focus on writing quality content for my blog.

Content Syndication Benefits

Content syndication also provides you with SEO benefits. When you allow other sites to publish your content, they have to retain the link back to your blog so that you remain the original author and creator of the content. This way the number of backlinks to your blog also increase significantly. Hence syndicating content gives you more traffic, SEO, backlinks, subscribers, sales, and more money.

Apart from the benefits, content syndication has some bad points too which I would like to share with you. You know that search engines penalize you for duplicate content. When they see that same content is published on so many sites, they may consider you as a spammer and punish your rankings. To avoid this situation, it is important that you allow your content to be published on other sites only if you get credit and link back to your blog. This will keep search engines informed that you are the original creator of the content. This will also make sure that other blogs do not outrank your blog with your content only.

One more technique to escape this situation is that you publish the content first on your blog before you allow it to be published anywhere else on the web. Also, you must not let each and every post to be syndicated. Content syndication can be extremely beneficial or extremely harmful if not used properly.

This was another blogging tip to help you gain more traffic to your blog and to make money online fast. Are you using content syndication for your blog? Which service are you using? Do let me know.

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