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IN-01 🇮🇳

Suitable for Starters

Save 60% From only



  • 4GB RAM
  • 2v CPU
  • 40GB SSD
  • 1TB Bandwidth
  • 1Gbps Port Speed
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IN-02 🇮🇳

Suitable for advanced.

Save 60% From only



  • 8GB RAM
  • 3v CPU
  • 100GB SSD
  • 1.5TB Bandwidth
  • 1Gbps Port Speed
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IN-03 🇮🇳

Suitable for experts

Save 60% From only



  • 16GB RAM
  • 4v CPU
  • 150GB SSD
  • 2TB Bandwidth
  • 1Gbps Port Speed
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IN-04 🇮🇳

Suitable for agencies

Save 60% From only



  • 24GB RAM
  • 6v CPU
  • 200GB SSD
  • 2.5TB Bandwidth
  • 1Gbps Port Speed
Purchase PlanPurchase Plan

Unleash the Power with Reform Hosting VPS

Experience unmatched website performance with our VPS. Enjoy powerful and reliable hosting that delivers superior speed and exceptional uptime for your website or application.


Full Root Access

Streamline your workflow process, Take full control of your hosting environment with Full Root Access. Enjoy complete administrative privileges and the freedom to customize your server to meet your specific needs.


Solid State Drives

Experience lightning-fast website loading speeds with Solid State Drives (SSD). Enjoy a high-performance hosting solution that can handle even the most demanding applications and websites.

Firewall management

Safeguard your website from potential attacks and vulnerabilities with Firewall management. Our skilled professionals will monitor and manage your website's security, providing ongoing protection against potential threats.


Dedicated IPv4

Secure and efficient connections with our native IPv4 block infrastructure. Minimize networking issues, latency, and blacklisting, benefit from advanced IP technologies for optimal performance.


Completely Customizable

Enjoy a customized VPS hosting solution, regardless of your tech expertise. Choose from operating systems like Ubuntu, CentOS, or Debian, Almalinux, RockyLinux gain root access, and opt for cPanel installation if desired.


24/7 Live Support

Never feel stuck again with 24/7 Live Support. Our dedicated team of experts is always available to help you resolve any technical issues and keep your website running smoothly. So you can focus on growing your business with peace of mind.

Why Choose VPS Hosting?

When it comes to web hosting, VPS hosting offers unique advantages that make it an attractive choice for many businesses. With VPS hosting, you can enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server without the high costs, while also having more control and customization options than shared hosting.

Additionally, VPS hosting is highly scalable, allowing you to easily upgrade or downgrade your resources as needed. Plus, with 24/7 support and advanced security features, you can rest assured that your website is in good hands.

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SB Rathore
Web Developer

Super great service & support. No time bar and everytime ready to serve best solution to any error. They have the solution for every issue. Awesome experience.

star rating 1star rating 2star rating 3star rating 4star rating 5
Vasu Suyal
Aadhaarshilaa Group

I have been using VPS hosting from reform hosting from last more than 3 years and happy with their services and support. Their prices are economical without any compromise with the quality.

star rating 1star rating 2star rating 3star rating 4star rating 5
Aditya Choudhary
Software Engineer

Delievery of services as expected. You guys are very helpfull . i would appriciate your way of resolving the issues. And hope for long term relation

star rating 1star rating 2star rating 3star rating 4star rating 5

The numbers don't lie - Reform Hosting's web hosting services have received an "Excellent" rating with a score of 4.9 out of 5 on HostAdvice

Reform Hosting's web hosting services have been awarded an "Excellent" rating with a score of 4.0 out of 5 on Trustpilot

Exceptionally Best In The Business

Everything works perfectly when you do what you love the most! Reform Hosting was created with this in mind. We are professionals in the web hosting and marketing fields with the necessary background knowledge to manage your web servers and websites while giving you the best service imaginable. Our first customer is still with us!


Are you looking for customized solution?

We offer personalized hosting packages to ensure that your server is tailored to your unique requirements.

VPS Hosting FAQs

Get answers to common questions about VPS hosting with our comprehensive FAQ section. Learn more about features, benefits, and more.

VPS hosting is a type of web hosting service that uses virtualization technology to partition a physical server into multiple virtual servers. Each virtual server operates independently and has its own operating system, storage, and resources.

VPS hosting offers several benefits, including more control and customization options than shared hosting, better security, improved performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness compared to dedicated server hosting.

Managed VPS hosting includes server management services, such as security updates, backups, and software installations, while unmanaged VPS hosting requires the customer to handle these tasks themselves.

Yes, our VPS hosting plans are scalable and can be upgraded or downgraded depending on your needs.

Yes, you can install custom software and applications on server. However, it is important to ensure that the software is compatible with the server's operating system and does not violate the terms of service.