Important Update Reform Hosting

Hello, I am writing to you today with some important news about Reform Hosting (Pinaaki InfoLabs LLP). Due to some personal issues we lost our primary domain , we are working on to recover this domain. To avoid further issues, we have moved our primary website to and from now onwards all the transactions ... Read More »

9th Dec 2019
Urgent Migration of local Email Exchange to AWS

Dear Client,We want to make you aware that this Tuesday (January 1, 9 A.M. IST), we have scheduled the migration of email exchange server. We will be migrating the functionality to use AWS (Amazon Web Services) Email Services for better delivery and avoid spamming. We have been working hard to set up a reliable email service and proper delivery of ... Read More »

17th Nov 2019
Client Area / Billing Application Bug


We found one bug in the client area/billing area, as a result, services showing 0. We are working on it and update you shortly once it get fixed.


4th May 2019
Backup Removal [29/10/2018] [08:31 PM IST)

This is an update that we are cleaning backup data of following dates,



29th Oct 2018
Issue with Lets Encrypt SSL [CPANEL PLUGIN]

Today 09/09/2018, We have issues with our Lets Encrypt SSL [CPANEL PLUGIN].  It will be fixed till 11:30 PM    09/09/2018.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Kindly bear with us!

- Team Reform Hosting.

9th Sep 2018
[UPGRADE] Lets Encrypt SSL

We are providing you Lets Encrypt SSL access right in your cPanel. You can do following things with one click, You can do reinstall SSL Certificate. Renew SSL Certificate. Re-issue SSL Certificate. Install SSL Certificate This update will be carried out 06/09/2018 [01:00 AM] > We are adding knowledgebase article for each point. Read More »

3rd Sep 2018
Backup Removal [03/09/2018] [03:31 PM IST)

This is an update that we are cleaning backup data of following dates,






3rd Sep 2018