When Exactly You Should Start Advertising?

This question is a serious issue of debate for every new blogger who plans to generate some income from his blog. There is always a suitable time when you should start advertising on your blog.  You should keep away from advertising on your blog for the first two-three months.

Then when should you start advertising?

The answer to this is regarding traffic. You must not look to advertise till you are getting 150-200 unique daily visitors to visit your blog and spend some time on it. When you start getting visitors around this number, you can begin advertising but on the slow scale.

On the other hand, if you start advertising on your blog from the very first post on your blog, then probably you will not earn anything. On the wrong side of it, you can lose your search engine rankings as the very first thing search engines look for in a new blog or site is its content. Let’s talk about what does it mean to get 150-200 unique visitors daily.

  1. If you are getting 200 unique daily visitors to your blog, then it means that your readers have started trusting your content and your content does have some valuable information.
  2. You have made good standings in the search engines for your keywords and your niche. Now, you can look forward to monetizing your blog.
  3. You are getting a lot of organic traffic. Organic traffic converts the most and can bring in a lot of money.
  4. 200 unique daily visitors mean 6,000 unique visitors a month which is considered to be a good number to start monetizing your blog. Also, it indicates that you have started building a massive subscriber’s base.
  5. This much number of visitors is just good enough to start advertising Adsense ads. Since you need a targeted audience to gain success with Google Adsense, wait until you start getting this much amount of traffic.

It’s not a terrible task to build traffic to your blog which helps you convert your ads into sales. Here are a few things which you need to do consistently to get good results:

  1. Write and update your blog daily. It is advised to write at least one post daily of around 300-400 words.
  2. Writing keyword; targeted content brings you targeted traffic.
  3. Promote all your posts on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and Stumbleupon.
  4. Interact with your visitors through comments and forms.

What is Content Syndication and How to Use it For SEO and Traffic

Most of the time a blogger is looking for different ways to generate traffic to his blog. In this post, I will share another powerful method known as content syndication to drive a lot of traffic to your blog from all parts of the world and internet. Content syndication is a method in which you allow your blog’s content to be published on many other sites on the internet provided you retain the original author of the content. In this way, your content gets a lot of exposure over the internet and drives a lot of traffic to your blog.

What content syndication does for you that you need not worry that your content is not getting exposure. Let us understand this through an example.

Suppose I wrote a post on my blog on “How to Make Money Online“. If I am not syndicating my content, my post will be there on my blog only and will not receive much attention. Now suppose that I am syndicating my content, then my post will be available on numerous other sites on the internet and a lot of people can now read my content. Thus now I am getting maximum exposure and now I can focus on writing quality content for my blog.

Content Syndication Benefits

Content syndication also provides you with SEO benefits. When you allow other sites to publish your content, they have to retain the link back to your blog so that you remain the original author and creator of the content. This way the number of backlinks to your blog also increase significantly. Hence syndicating content gives you more traffic, SEO, backlinks, subscribers, sales, and more money.

Apart from the benefits, content syndication has some bad points too which I would like to share with you. You know that search engines penalize you for duplicate content. When they see that same content is published on so many sites, they may consider you as a spammer and punish your rankings. To avoid this situation, it is important that you allow your content to be published on other sites only if you get credit and link back to your blog. This will keep search engines informed that you are the original creator of the content. This will also make sure that other blogs do not outrank your blog with your content only.

One more technique to escape this situation is that you publish the content first on your blog before you allow it to be published anywhere else on the web. Also, you must not let each and every post to be syndicated. Content syndication can be extremely beneficial or extremely harmful if not used properly.

This was another blogging tip to help you gain more traffic to your blog and to make money online fast. Are you using content syndication for your blog? Which service are you using? Do let me know.

Best ways to create own Digital Market 2018

Now we are in the 21st century, adopting so many drastic changes and going towards The Digital World! Now, if you don’t have a digital presence via your website; you are losing n-number of clients.
The companies who are doing their Digital Marketing professionally with using some tools and technics; achieving so much in their business. Especially in some countries including USA, India, UK, UAE the Digitalization is making the game-changing strategy.

Now the question is,”How Can I Grow Business Online?
– If you are looking to create Digital Presence for your business first time, then the essential step is that to Develop a Simple and Informative website. Which replicate your services with nit-clean content.

“A website is not just a 3-4 web pages which displays your products/services. The website is like Online Salesman. The salesman who don’t take any holidays and don’t take monthly payments.”

– Once your website is ready, then you can do further steps. Now the main task comes that is “Marketing Of Our Business With Website.”
– There are two ways to do it.
1) You can hire Digital Marketing Agency.
2) If you have some basic knowledge of SEO/SMO, then you can do it by yourself.

  •  There are so many expertise Digital Marketing Companies which used to build your brand/business Digitally with their some strategies and technics. You can hire them and let them do their work.
  • How much will they charge for Digital Marketing?
    – So many companies have fixed Digital Marketing package, and some businesses analyze your requirement with depth information about your business then they will quote you reliable pricing.

If you know the basics of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization you can rank your business efficiently. We have mentioned pointwise guide with marketing platform. Just follow below points.

  1. Google AdWord – This is an excellent way to target a targeted audience for your services. But make sure that use “Google Keyword Planner” to find a perfect keyword which has good search volumes and which has low CPC value. If you get success to see that, then you can drive a tremendous amount of traffic with just spending $400-$500.
  2. Facebook- There are ~2.1billion facebook users who have register themselves and Facebook taking advantage of that. With creating the business page on facebook, you can boost your post, i.e., you can advertise your service with just spending $50-$100. Note that when you want to raise your post do it from Facebook Advertising manager.

We have not included every aspect which is used to do Digital Marketing to make your digital business presence. But we have mentioned some important points which you should have to use while you are dealing with Digital Marketing.

Top 03 Keyword Research Tool 2018

Hey there! In this article, you are going to learn How Research Keywords For Free! Without spending 0$. We are sharing here some most powerful tools which are free to use and will help you to find perfect keyword for your excellent website.
Before we are heading forward let’s talk about keyword!

What Is Keyword?

The keyword is a phrase or a word that is used by users as a query on the search engine. In simple words, Keywords are those words, phrases which users used to do research on the search engine.
For Example – Rama want to search about “Best Hosting Provider in India?” the query which is Ramakrishnan used to give to search engine i.e. “Best Hosting Provider in India” this is a Keyword.

Why do we need to do it’s research?


Keyword researching is the main aspect of Search Engine Optimization. If you found a perfect keyword with high traffic and which has low competition, then you can easily rank your website within a couple of weeks. Before that, you need to research your niche keywords.
For Example – Rama is a Book Store owner in Mumbai. If he wants to rank his website then first he needs to do keyword researching. After keyword research, Rama found some interesting keywords like Best Book Store In Mumbai, Best Book Seller In Mumbai, etc. Now he used those keywords on his website, and he ranked his website on google first page with using these keywords.
Tips – Keyword, it’s meaning is The Words which is Key to Search Engine through that we can get success digitally.

Here we selected most powerful 05 keyword researching tools. Learn & share this article to your friends and loved one. Let them know the Importance Of Keywords!

1. KwFinder.Com  –KWFinder is an easy-to-use keyword research tool bringing perfect keyword ideas.

We have select KwFinder because of its amazing features which it provides to users.

Following are KwFinder key features which will be very useful for any person who wants to rank his/her website on google.
– Find hidden long tail keywords.
– Organize keywords with keyword lists.
– Filter keywords that aren’t profitable.
– Localized results for local keywords.
– Import keywords in bulk.
– Google Suggest keyword source.
– Keyword difficulty tool.
– Search volume and keyword metrics.
– SERP analysis and SEO metrics.
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2. Spyfu.comSpyFu exposes the search marketing secret formula of your most successful competitors.

SpyFu is a pretty awesome keyword researching tool. With the help of this KeyWord tool, you can easily track your competitor website. SpyFu is specially built to track your competitor’s keywords and their growth keywords easily.

Other Key Features Of SpyFu.Com
– Adwords Competitor Keyword Spy Tool.
– Monitor PPC Competitors.
– Adwords Advisor – Our Best Adwords Keyword Research.
– Find Competitors’ Keywords you Don’t Already Buy.
– Adwords Keyword Grouping Tool.
– PPC Ad Rank Tracker.
& much more…!

3. Wordtracker.comWith our free keyword research tool, you can reveal 1000s of long tail keywords with Google, Wordtracker, YouTube and Amazon keyword data all in one tool. Save your keyword lists, filter them in the tool and find the keywords you need for every page all in one place.

With our free keyword research tool, you can reveal 1000s of long tail keywords with Google, Wordtracker, YouTube and Amazon keyword data all in one tool. Save your keyword lists, filter them in the tool and find the keywords you need for every page all in one place.

This is a merely useful tool to find keywords for different-different platforms. WordTracker.Com is giving you the freedom to research keyword for many platforms. So, that will be very useful for you to commit to your competitors for the different-different platform using one tool.

Some Extra Ordinary Features Of WordTracker.Com Tool
– Actual (not grouped) keywords.
– Actual (not banded) results.
– Search trends.
– SEO competition metrics.
– SERP comparison
– Related/lateral search.
– Amazon keywords.
– Youtube keywords.
– Negative keyword search.

Basic Tips For Search Engine Optimization To Rank Higher Quickly

If you are not working on SEO, you are doing it wrong! SEO will probably give you the highest possible ROI online. That is because once your website starts ranking well you will get thousands of free visitors to your site. Not only that, those will be relevant visitors, and they might keep coming for years!

Below you will find 4 tips that you might not be using yet.

1. Optimize for mobile


Optimizing your site for mobile devices is a must today. Some large websites like eBay already get more visitors and business from mobile users than from desktop ones! On some cases, the mobile part represents 70% of all traffic and sales!

The first thing you need to do in this regard is to make sure that your site is mobile friend. Google offers a You have to like this post in order to see this link that can help you identify and fix any problems that your site might have.

2. Optimize your content
Content is a big pillar of SEO, and you need to optimize it if you want to maximize your returns. There is a service called You have to like this post in order to see this link you can use to get real time recommendations to optimize your content and find keywords that will bring more traffic to your site. The difference between a bad and a good keyword can literally be tens of thousands of visitors every month.

If you use a CMS like Drupal or WordPress you can install their plugin and get the recommendations directly in your text editor. This will both save you time and make sure that you don’t forget to do that optimization part.

3. Get links to your content


Writing great content alone is not enough. Unless you get high quality and relevant backlinks, no one will find your great content. You can use You have to like this post in order to see this link to get an overview of the backlinks to your site.

Social media and social news sites represent a great way to get those initial, high quality backlinks. For instance, you can get links from YouTube, Medium, Reddit, Instagram and so on.

4. Track the progress over time
You can’t improve what you can’t measure! Make sure to track how many visitors you are getting from Google (with Google Analytics and You have to like this post in order to see this link), overall and for each of your popular articles.

Identify the articles that are performing better, and try to understand what you did different on those. Identify those factors, and replicate them on future articles to make sure they will attract a lot of visitors as well.

Hope this post has been given you the clear idea about basic aspects of Search Engine Optimization.