Why Should Register Multiple Domain Name Extensions?

The online presence of the business is very crucial for achieving good branding in the market. The domain name is used to host the business website/blog on the World Wide Web which is also known as the online identity of a business. Why Should Register Multiple Domain Name Extensions?. Multiple domain name extensions (.com, .org, .gov, .in, .co, .net, etc) are available in the market. It is recommended by the experts that users should register multiple domain name extensions for the better results of online branding.

Why Should Register Multiple Domain Name Extensions?

There are numerous reasons for registering multiple domain name extensions for the same business. This article provides details about the common reasons for registering multiple domain names.

Reduce the chances of competitor online of the same name:

Typically remember the name of the business, not the website name. If your business runs well then there are chances that your competitor can buy the same domain name of different extensions and run their business on your name.

The customer does not remember the URL name they normally type the company name in the search box and search for relevant results online. If your competitor registers the same domain name with different extension then it can confuse potential customers and lead to migration of some traffic of your website to the competitor site. E.g. If you register your business online with the domain name ‘abc.com’ and your business runs well then there are great chances that someone registers a new domain name of name ‘abc.co.in’ and runs their business on behalf of your name.

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Registering multiple domain extensions, users can secure their online identity as the competitors are not able to register the domain name of your business.

Preventing Fraudsters:

The numbers of cybercrimes are increasing day by day there is a possibility that someone purchases your domain name with another extension for doing some illegal task. This can spoil the name of your business name in the market. To prevent all such things the user should buy multiple domain name extensions of their business name. This is the best way to secure the presence of your business online.

You have your official business website on abc.inthen some cybercriminal or fraudsters might purchase the domain abc.co.in and clone your website on it. They can also send emails to customers and illegally use their sensitive information. To avoid this users can purchase abc.in and other TLS’s as well.

Better search engine ranking:

Search engine rankings are very important in the online branding of the business. Organizations are investing a lot of money for search engine optimization. So purchasing domains with different extensions and promoting them over the internet can provide better ranking to your business online.

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Specific TLD like co.in or .in is provided better results in Google rankings. So users can register multiple domain names for strengthening search engine ranking on Google with organic results.

Reach the audience in multiple ways:

Your company provides more than one product then the registering multiple domain name extensions might be beneficial to you to reach the audience in multiple ways. It is recommended by the expert to use different domains for promoting different services online. So you can grab more customers by registering multiple domain name extensions.

Multiple domain name extensions don’t require a user to upload different websites a user can simply use the domain forwarding techniques which forward the traffic of the other domain name extensions to your primary website.

If you have your business on the website abc.com and you purchase the different domain name extensions too like abc.in or abc.net then the user can redirect the traffic of .in and .net domain extensions to your primary domain name. This not only increases your business presence online but also helps to avoid customers misleading from going to competitor websites of the same business name. It also diverts the customers who are typing the wrong extensions while accessing your website.

Target audience from different geographical locations:

You want to promote your business worldwide then the user can buy a country-specific domain. In this way, the user can promote their brand across multiple geographical locations and increase the website traffic of your business.

For the eCommerce business sites which need traffic from the specific country. So they can register country-specific domains to target the audience from a specific country.

The separate Domain name for email hosting:

This is an important factor while promoting their business online. An expert recommends using a different domain name for email hosting. So user can register multiple domain extensions and use one domain name from them only for email hosting. This will keep the mail address of your website private so the spammer doesn’t make any illegal activity with your brand name.

All the different benefits of registering multiple domain name extensions are mentioned above. So users should register their business with all possible domain extensions for the better online presence of their business.

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