When Exactly You Should Start Advertising?

This question is a serious issue of debate for every new blogger who plans to generate some income from his blog. There is always a suitable time when you should start advertising on your blog.  You should keep away from advertising on your blog for the first two-three months.

Then when should you start advertising?

The answer to this is regarding traffic. You must not look to advertise till you are getting 150-200 unique daily visitors to visit your blog and spend some time on it. When you start getting visitors around this number, you can begin advertising but on the slow scale.

On the other hand, if you start advertising on your blog from the very first post on your blog, then probably you will not earn anything. On the wrong side of it, you can lose your search engine rankings as the very first thing search engines look for in a new blog or site is its content. Let’s talk about what does it mean to get 150-200 unique visitors daily.

  1. If you are getting 200 unique daily visitors to your blog, then it means that your readers have started trusting your content and your content does have some valuable information.
  2. You have made good standings in the search engines for your keywords and your niche. Now, you can look forward to monetizing your blog.
  3. You are getting a lot of organic traffic. Organic traffic converts the most and can bring in a lot of money.
  4. 200 unique daily visitors mean 6,000 unique visitors a month which is considered to be a good number to start monetizing your blog. Also, it indicates that you have started building a massive subscriber’s base.
  5. This much number of visitors is just good enough to start advertising Adsense ads. Since you need a targeted audience to gain success with Google Adsense, wait until you start getting this much amount of traffic.

It’s not a terrible task to build traffic to your blog which helps you convert your ads into sales. Here are a few things which you need to do consistently to get good results:

  1. Write and update your blog daily. It is advised to write at least one post daily of around 300-400 words.
  2. Writing keyword; targeted content brings you targeted traffic.
  3. Promote all your posts on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and Stumbleupon.
  4. Interact with your visitors through comments and forms.

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