What matters the most for Ranking on Google

There are a lot of people out there even web developer who completed their studies, practice in designing/development of website they don’t know about “What matters most for Ranking on Google?” Just creating/developing website won’t going to help your business to grow.

Nowadays a website is a crucial factor of any business. If you are looking to grow business globally there you will be a couple of expensive ways to market, some of them are Television Advertising, Printing Advertising, Events, etc. Most of the offline things which are used to do for marketing will cost you $1000+ and can make your pocket heavy. Hence businessmen and their consultants recommending the Digital Marketing for their business growth globally. Today is 2018 the competition increasing with increasing businesses in the market. To keep your company ahead you should adopt something crazy path/method of marketing. Here we have statistical data of searches per year on Google search engine.

Source – masseranolabs.com

Just check it out, in late 1999 the Digital Revolution started and people start taking interest in the Digitalized things and Google came up as a search engine and still now it’s serving a great user-friendly result and targeted result for their query submitters (users). In 2001 there is <400,000,000,000 searches happened on google search engine, as years pass the growth of search also getting increases year by year. My intention behind telling this story, statistics is that Google is now the world’s top 1st search engine, we need to follow their algorithm, their updates and implement those on our website.

Follow Google!

Source – masseranolabs.com

Google is now world top 1st search engine, there is one saying is that “If you want to become a trend, follow the trend!” I hope this will clear your idea. There are most useful blogs out there which will help you to keep updated with Google updates.

  • Backlinko
  • ShoutMeLoud
  • My Startup Tricks
  • Tryootech

Don’t be lazy!

Are you a developer? Are you a content writer? Are you a blogger? Probably Yes, LOL! Don’t be so lazy for following things,

  • Don’t be lazy in writing content.
  • Don’t be lazy in editing/creating graphics.
  • Don’t be lazy for on page SEO.
  • Don’t be lazy in an analysis.

Let us talk about above points, in the google update they announced that plagiarism content (Copy Content) won’t be going to be getting ranked. Yes, it’s true! If you are doing copy – paste then STOP IT! Google can penalize your website anytime.

If your website contains a good, eye catchy infographics or graphics related to your website/post then it will make engagement with your visitor and as a result, a visitor will take interest and spends more time on your website.

A lot of bloggers out there, they just write an article, publish it and repeat the same thing again and again. If your website doesn’t have traffic then your writing doesn’t have any value! To get ranked on search engine with a proper keyword then you need to optimize your website/post with a perspective of the search engine. Properly place your keyword in between <h1> </h1> tag, don’t miss to place alt tag with your image. On Page SEO will kick start SEO for your website and now its time to build high authority backlinks! Here I have a great article about On-Page SEO Basic Tips For Search Engine Optimization To Rank Higher Quickly

Don’t miss this step! before starting targeting your keyword you must check with whom you are competing. Analyse their blog, backlink structure and other details like referring domains, etc. Make a blueprint and start targeting your competitor. You can check this article for keyword research Top 03 Keyword Research Tool 2018

Source – Backlinko.com

Conclusion – 

Creating great content and adopting ethical ways for a search engine to rank your website; it will boost your website up at top result. Don’t be lazy, don’t be so quick! Keep Calm & Wait!!


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