Difference between Linux hosting VS windows hosting

Difference between Linux hosting and windows hosting

Windows and Linux provide different varieties of hosting services. Linux is the most popular is hosting service because of being more affordable and compatible with My SQL and PHP.

Furthermore, Windows hosting uses Windows server and offers Windows-specific Technologies that include Microsoft SQL Server,, Microsoft Access and much more.


While comparing Windows and LINUX hosting choices, most of the people find it quite confusing to choose a particular web hosting service. Linux service has been lately captivating a maximum of the market share. However, on the other hand, Windows unit shipments are also brimming towards success. When given a choice to choose between Linux and Windows operating system, stability, security, cost, and ownership are few important factors that need to be considered by all the Businessmen. There should be a proper insight of the weakness and strength of both the server so that developers are thoroughly dependent upon something worthwhile. This article would let you get more information about both the servers and their workability-

Is Windows hosting limited to Windows users only?

Definitely not, the variety of hosting services selected by individuals is independent upon the operating system of your PC.

In a normal term, Linux hosting is much affordable as compared to web hosting services. You don’t have to pay any licensing fees in order to host your server through Linux. Hence, hosting providers offer extremely cheap prices for Linux based server hosting.

If a person wants to begin with a blog, an online forum or use PHP BB, in such a scenario using Linux based hosting would be a better choice. Exceptionally if you have been using my SQL server or anything else, using web-based hosting would be a better choice.

Linux Hosting VS Windows Hosting

Linux and Windows are the most used operating systems amongst users. Web servers particularly depend upon LINUX operating system to do the needful. Therefore, most of the web designers use Linux for a specific reason. Windows dedicated servers and particularly support Windows-specific applications. Therefore, you have to purchase a license to install the software and begin with the further process.

Linux Hosting VS Windows Hosting Which one has a greater server security?


The maximum of the people considers LINUX operating systems to have better security parameters as compared to the Windows operating system. Security depends a lot upon the overall server set up an administrator operating the server. Almost all the Hostgator servers are maintained using Linux security parameters.

Even a layman understands that Linux servers are much more secure than Windows servers. They don’t have to be rebooted most of the time and can be restarted without any kind of configuration. Windows servers are somewhat Messy and unstable on the other hand. When you run multiple databases, file server and web – the problem becomes word and lots of unscheduled activities come in the midway. A lot of resources are wasted in managing the issues. Therefore, If you are looking forward to getting something worthwhile, Linux Server is the best that you can choose.

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Linux always wins the favor when we discuss security measures. You all would have noticed that BitLocker has have acquired the entire world. Most of the time, they attack Windows machines to extract information and initial malicious activities. However, the LINUX operating system has always been known for their better management features and great strength. The silo off feature allows the users to game the root access only after they modify certain applications and directory.

It should be understood that the hacking Linux server requires next-level knowledge. Most of the people who are involved in malicious attacks are unable to configure the credentials of Linux servers thereby making it more secure and worthwhile.

The operating system makes the difference

The but obvious difference between Windows hosting system and Linux hosting system is the operating system. People who are migrating from Windows to Linux servers will certainly find it slightly strenuous to manage the Linux command line. The syntax functionality and other workability are not as handy as the menu of Windows. apart from that, the Linux team has always an option to select a graphical user interface. businesses that have consolidated workability should choose in the Linux operating system.

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What about the hardware and software compatibility?

The Windows operating system is constantly updated which makes it quite easy for its professionals. It professionals need to have a proper license for managing Windows Server. Talking about the Linux server, professionals have to undergo complexity to give a worthwhile solution for managing its business.

Talking about use cases

One of the most common reasons why people choose Linux hosting server is because of easy availability. People aiming to launch an E-commerce website from a personal blog or online portfolio most of the time choose the Linux server to do the needful. Linux hosting tools allow users to lie on cPanel for microblogging platforms and content management. Beginners can easily move one step forward by using Linux servers because of various sounding features it has. Windows servers are most of the time Biased towards the corporate environment.

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Final words Linux Hosting VS Windows Hosting –

Linux server is an excellent choice for someone who is more seasoned and professional in web development and web hosting. For the PHP, Python and my SQL database, there is nothing better than the Linux web hosting solution. The development tools of Linux provide A massive support structure. Microsoft operating system lets you manage a huge database and configure see panel and PHP. There is little human intervention for setting up an email address and managing software packages.

Several Legacy applications take advantage of VBS script if one is working in a corporate environment. Microsoft and mssql technologies particularly choose Microsoft server as a buy the steps for web hosting.

If you are looking forward to the reliability, strength, and something to depend upon, the Linux server is the best choice for you. When you choose to host your business on a Windows Server, there is a whole lot of rain on your end. As the best technical support, choose Linux servers and get the required support.

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