How to update cPanel license ? Easy steps

Nowadays 95% of web hosting provider using cPanel specifically for Linux Hosting to manage their customer and their individual hosting account. So that cPanel is now most user-friendly and recommended panel the market. cPanel used to provide 10-15 days trial license for every fresh IP if your license got expired you need to purchase the license and update the license for your server. But as being web hosting provider most of you don’t know about How to update cPanel license? In this article, we are going to see this.

  1. Login into SSH using root.
  2. Run this command


  3. Press Enter

After using this command you will be a message “license file has been updated” if you get any other message then consider to follow below steps,

There may be 2 reasons for license update failure

  1. Your license has been blocked/hold by cPanel. – To resolve this issue directly contact cPanel support.
  2. Your IP is now not licensed. – You can verify your IP address licensed or not from



If everything works OK! congratulation your cPanel license has been updated and now you can use WHM without any issue!

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