How to add meta tag to WordPress ?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professional concentrating on more on page SEO, because nowadays the majority of search engines especially Google is concentrating on what elements, content, text do you use on the page. If everything is relevant then and then only may your page rank on top of the search engine for particular keyword. In the search engine optimization meta tags will play a dominating role but so many developers, newbie do not know how to add a meta tag to WordPress website or blog?

What is meta tag and how it works?

Any meta tag not going to be displayed on your page or to the visitor, its just used for search engine optimization work and gives search engines information about the page. Meta tags always included under </header>. There are so many meta tags available like,

  • Meta Description.
  • Meta Keyword
  • Meta author
  • Meta Classification & more…

The most important meta tags for SEO are – meta description, meta keywords, meta author (if you want to target post by author name)

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  1. Meta Description – As its name says, it gives search engine the small introduction of the particular page. The standard size of the meta description is 300 characters.
  2. Meta Keyword – This will help you to set targeting keywords for your particular blog. You just have to mention keywords with separating by a comma. (Ex – reform hosting, most affordable hosting provider)

How to add meta tag to WordPress ?

Thanks to amazing WordPress community developers who always help a newbie, learners with providing simplified, user-friendly plugin.  To add meta tags into your WordPress website there are a lot of plugins available.

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  1. Meta Tag Manager by Marcus Sykes.
  2. All Meta Tags by Space X-Chimp.
  3. Meta Tags by DivPusher – WordPress Theme Club 

Most of the SEO plugin included Meta Tag integration features in it. You don’t need to install it separately. All In One SEO plugin do offer it for free of cost.

In this article we are using All Meta Tags plugin for Meta Tag integration.

  1. Login to Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Plugin > Add New and search for All Meta Tags > Click on Install & Activate it.
    add meta tag to wordpress
  3. In order to configure plugin navigate to Setting > Meta Tag Inserter.

All Meta Tags WordPress plugin also allows you to submit and verify your website on search engine like Goolge, Bing, Yandex.


Conclusion –

In this article, we have seen that what is the importance of Meta Tag? How does meta tag work? How to add a meta tag in WordPress? We hope all the doubts related with Meta Tags have been clear now. If you still encounter any issue feel free to contact us on – [email protected]

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