Decision making of Blogging Carrier

Everyone is rushing towards this Digital world to earn money easily. There is no way to earn money easy or instant. All you need to invest your efforts and time. Now the question arises “How much time it will take?” Its answer is in YOU!.
First, ask yourself following question,
1. Do I have interest in this filed?
2. Am I really ready to do it?
3. Do I have time to invest?

If you found one of the answers of above three question “NO” then you should choose another path for your life. See, blogging and earning money both are different terms but both are directly proportional to each other.

What Is blogging?

I know any ones of you who is reading this article has information about a term called “BLOGGING”. But its real meaning is,
Now, keep in mind that Every Business rises with “NEED”. If you are successful in fulfilling the needs then you can be anything in your life.

How to chose a perfect niche for you?
Before answering this question I would like to ask you one simple and straightforward question?
Knowledge has no end, you may have interest in Animals then you can choose your niche as “Animal” and find out some primary term about it before starting a blog.

You can use worlds best and recommended platform to start i.e. WordPress. WordPress is an open source content management system which is primarily developed for blogging purpose.

The process to start a blog.
1. Select Niche.
2. Research about sub-niche.
3. Purchase Domain. (.in / .com / .net, etc )
4. Buy a good web hosting.
5. Properly configure and optimize your WordPress blog.
6. Do search engine optimization. is offering you FREE DOMAIN + Hosting (10GB SPACE) @ Rs. 69 ( No Extra Tax ) No need to pay extra for your domain, everything included in the package. Even we are providing you guidance on how to setup your blog and start earning easily online. Feel free to contact our team on Live Chat, Call (02462 250099).

How can I earn with a blog?

On the internet, there is a lot of junk content available about Earning but some of the articles are very useful. By analyzing those articles we have filtered some best ways to earn money with your blog.

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the products of Google through that you can monetize your blog with their Advertising. If you have traffic and google reader base then must try Google Adsense.

2. Affiliate Marketing.

Many of your visitors are quite interesting in purchasing goods online. If you have review/product/marketing related blog then affiliate marketing can be your primary source of earning.

3. Short URL.

Yes! Now there are so many URL Shorteners out there who are providing you chance to monetize your URL of anything free of cost. Now, SHORT > SHARE > EARN!

Conclusion –

Blogging is not easy so far, but if you have a strategic mind that most you do have then it can be your full-time carrier.

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